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Film has been Drew’s passion since he was 10. He knew from an early age that important moments in life, if not captured, would be lost forever in a sea of memories that flood our minds.  That’s why his passion is specifically focused on raw, real, true moments.  It's films like that you can look back on and feel how you felt in that moment.


In years prior he dabbed a little in film. He filmed weddings, music documentaries/music videos, and worked for a production company for about a year, but everything always seemed to fall through.  For a while he put his passions aside and just worked towards paying bills and adjusting to a new life. After some time he met me

(Hi I’m Erin his wife).


To be honest I never thought that I would ever end up involved in filming.  Music, cinema, and writing were always a passion of mine but more of like a hobby than anything.  As weird as this may sound the movie “Lord of the Rings” is one of the most important things in my life.  It's the movie I turn to when I’m at my lowest.  It reminds me that even though there is darkness in this world that there is also light and goodness and that we must be that goodness.  We must have faith in our Lord and Savior that we will rise above this world. Because the things of this world are so futile, but what is beyond this world is magnificent.


And after meeting Drew and feeling his passions illuminate off of him I knew I not only wanted to be his wife but I wanted to be a part of his passions. So after our wedding we really kind of put our foot down and said we’ve got to do something.  We don’t want to just work for a paycheck we want to move towards our goals and our careers.  After months of praying for some door to open for Andrew to start filming again, one of our good friends called wanting Andrew to capture their wedding.  So when he asked me to second shoot the wedding with him I was giddy with joy.  I realized after filming that wedding with Drew why it is his passion, because through film you can give people the opportunity to feel the way I feel when I watch “Lord of the Rings”.


Our goal is not to capture a traditional wedding video.  We spend our time capturing "moments" important moments that you will look back on and smile, cry, and laugh about for the rest of your life.

Drew & Erin

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